About Us

At Sierra Cycles, our philosophy is simple: We never promise more than we can deliver, and we always give the customer more than they expect. The people of Sierra Vista know customer service is not enough, and we know that too. That's why we strive for customer loyalty—every day. If you are in the area, stop by and see the latest we have to offer in motorcycles, ATVs, and utility vehicles. Whatever you're looking for, with names like Kawasaki, Suzuki, Lehman, and Arctic Cat to choose from, we're sure you'll find it.

The Owners

Barry Levitt


Hi, I’m Barry Levitt, the owner of Sierra Cycles. I was born in Brooklyn, New York where I started my professional career as a teacher and school administrator but I had an immense passion for motorcycles and speed. Finally the passion was too strong to leave alone, so in 1979 I moved from the Big Apple to Sierra Vista, Arizona (WOW! What a change for the city boy.) I opened a two person 2,900 square foot dealership called the “Kawasaki Korral” (a single line Kawasaki Dealership). Over the years I proudly represented Kawasaki’s power products, ATVs, Jet Skis, Mules and now their awesome RUV “Teryx.” In 1983 the “Kawasaki Korral” became “Sierra Cycles” as I was honored to represent Suzuki Motorcycles and their new Quad Runners to the line-up. The marriage of Kawasaki and Suzuki required a new state of the art building and in 1984 that 5200 square foot building became our home; that is where we proudly served our customers’ every need. That need expanded even more and in 1996 we added Polaris ATVs and personal watercraft to “Sierra Cycles.” In 2000, after over twenty years of serving every customer, I “retired” from the business and sold “Sierra Cycles.” To fill in some of the chronological holes in my life; I returned to education in 1986 and became the Principal of Elgin School in Sonoita, AZ. and the following year was appointed their District Superintendent; a position I held until I resigned to pursue my doctorate in educational leadership in 1994. During my years as an administrator in public/charter school venues, I led two school district bond issues, purchased land and built two school sites, had my school ranked consistently in the top 5 academically in Arizona and was awarded Administrator of Year in Arizona. That same energy now leads Sierra Cycles and has been energized with the addition of my son, David. Together we have outperformed almost every dealership in our district consistently, have won numerous awards for performance but the one we cherish the most is our CSI (customer service index award) that has ranked us in the top 3% nationally and in 2010 were awarded as one of the Top 100 Dealerships in the United States. This re-creation of Sierra Cycles started in 2007, with the help and energy of my son, David and my daughter-in-law Cassie, “Sierra Cycles” was re-purchased and back in the family. We did not continue with Polaris, instead we introduced the full line of “Arctic Cat” to our already exceptional line-up. Upon meeting the “Arctic Cat” Team, I knew that they too represented our core beliefs and philosophy that community is “Family.” We regard our customers as our friends and part of our extended family. We will always extend ourselves to meet the needs of our family members beyond what others expect and everyone that works at “Sierra Cycles” follows the same core belief of customers first. 2011 has brought even more excitement and variety to our line-up as we now represent Lehman Trikes and their history of excellence in three wheel riding for Suzuki, Kawasaki, Honda and Harley Davidson. If you are looking for a dealership that cares about its customers and will “go the extra mile” please come and visit. We’re open six days a week (closed Sunday) and always willing to stay beyond the normal hours to help a friend in need.

David Levitt


I’m David Levitt, the son and the future of Sierra Cycles. Long before I was born, my dad built this dealership to serve customers and his passion for speed. I too share that passion as I started riding soon after I could walk and I walked at nine months (at least that’s what they tell me). I am the General Manager of Sierra Cycles where I spend almost all of my time except when I’m out racing my Suzuki LT-R450 which keeps my Suzuki SV1000 company. As you can see, I am truly a Suzuki fan which combined with my dad makes us a perfect pair to serve your every need. With time, some things have to move on; I just sold my trusted SV1000 and now I am looking much some seriously at the Suzuki M109 – in case you may not know it – the M109 is the most awesome power cruiser on the market. I grew up in the industry and that is what I’m all about. After graduating from Buena High School, I moved to Charlotte, North Carolina to pursue a career in racing, but couldn’t get the motorcycle dealership atmosphere out of my system so I went to work in the parts and accessories department of one of the largest multi-line dealerships in the country; here I rediscovered my passion for this industry and realized how underserved most customers are. I encouraged my dad to join me as I wanted to build a new dealership where the customer is #1 and their needs are a priority, and it only made sense to come home to the store that was such a large part of my life growing up. So, in 2007, we reopened Sierra Cycles with that driving force. Thanks to our many happy customers from far and wide, you have helped make our return to the business very successful. Starting in 2008 we achieved the rare “A” rating with Kawasaki Motors and continue to be ranked in the Top Ten Suzuki Dealerships in the Western United States. Not only has sales contributed to these honors, but the hard working staff has earned Sierra Cycles the highest Customer Service Index scores in our region. This particular “CSI” award is most rewarding because it can be earned with continuous dedication and effort; it is not based on volume but rather on exceptional service which is our goal. 2010 brought my dad and me even more fun and excitement as we entered the Mod Lite racing arena together. My dad had some previous racing experience on the dirt tracks but other than my amazing LTR this was a first for me. When the season ended in October, I had earned the “Rookie of the Year” honors and a 6th place overall position. My dad? Well that’s another story. So please come see us here at the all “new” Sierra Cycles, or at the race-track where my GREAT staff and I will do whatever it takes to show you why we earned our “A” rating. My staff and I are here to work hard for you, please do not hesitate to ask for that unusual item; as we have the largest selection of products to choose from in the area and we will do whatever it takes to earn your business and loyalty.

Cassie Levitt

Operations Supervisor

Now it is time to learn a little about the force that holds everything and everyone together, my daughter-in-law (let’s just say daughter) Cassie Levitt. Her business card says, “Operations Supervisor” and that is true but there are no limits to what she does to keep Sierra Cycles running as smoothly as it does. This past year Cassie has expanded her role in the office to become an essential part of the sales and F&I department. As we see more and more first time riders entering this exciting environment, Cassie brings a sense of calm confidence to those customers as she too is a new rider on her own special Vulcan 900 custom, of course in Kawasaki green. When it comes to coordinating projects, Cassie is certainly the best, so please call her any time for questions or advice.


Steve Crump

Sales Manager

Hi, I'm Steve Crump. I handle the sales and finance side here at Sierra Cycles. I got a later start in this industry than most of the guys here. I didn't get my first bike until I was 13. Since then I've been hooked. I had my first dealings with Sierra Cycles back in 1997 when I bought my first brand new bike here, a 1997 Suzuki RM125 - she was gorgeous! I started working in the industry back in 2000 and have worked at dealerships across the country. Powersports are my one true love. I have to say this is by far the best dealership I have ever worked for. It truly is a family here. So if you are in the market for a toy, call or come down and see me. I won't "sell" you anything, but I'll gladly help you pick something out.


Jeff Masterson

Parts Manager

My name is Jeff Masterson and I am the Parts Manager here at Sierra Cycles. I've been in the motorcycle industry since the mid 70's when I started as a grunt at Tri-onda Motorcycles in Tucson. Since then I have worked in or managed motorcycle parts departments in southern Arizona and the San Francisco Bay area. I have dealt with all four major Japanese brands and several European brands in the process. Customer service is my specialty, and I love the challenge of the hard to find part or accessory. My other love is music, and I've played bass guitar in bands since the 70's as well. Music has allowed me to see the world and meet all kinds of amazing people.

David Huertas

Parts Consultant



Gary Nunnery

Service Manager

I grew up in Hialeah, suburb of Miami, Florida. Except for occasional hurricanes, the weather was amazing and very conducive to outdoor activities on two, three and four wheels as well as the ever present horseback riding. I finally got the opportunity to ride motorcycles once I was out on my own, and everything changed at that moment: from a Kawasaki GPZ 750 Turbo, to V65 Sabre, to Suzuki Katana 1100 and ultimately the mighty Hayabusa once I moved to North Carolina. I got to enjoy the diverse roads, towns, mountains, etc. Now here in Sierra Vista, I have settled down to aggressive site seeing on my KLR 650 whenever possible. Professionally, I earned my degree in Computer Science along with a long history in my passion of flight. With my commercial FAA pilot's license, I flew for several years for charter companies representing NASCAR drivers and teams. I found pleasure in flying King Airs, Learjets, Citations and Sabreliners as a captain or first officer. A health issue grounded me for a while which allowed me to revive my original motorcycle passion which earned me positions as both a sales and a parts manager in large multi-line dealership in the North Carolina area. That's where I met David Levitt, who after working with me in ours parts department returned to Sierra Vista to reopen Sierra Cycles with his dad. I remained in motorcycle management after David's departure and when presented with the opportunity to work with David and his dad at Sierra Cycles; well you know, here I am working hard and learning every day to take care of the needs of our diverse customer base. Thank you for the welcome, see you soon.

Jason Jones

Service & Parts Consultant

I grew up in Northern Michigan riding snow mobiles during the long winters, but needed more during the warmer summer days. Once I turned 14, I got my first quad and rode with my friends with their dirt bikes. After trading with them from time to time I was hooked on two wheels. At 16 I traded my quad for a CR125, totaled it that first year but found a way to salvage the engine into a go cart. That process started getting me even more involved mechanically. After college I purchased my first street bike, an FZ6 and then an R6. These two bikes helped motivate me to become more involved mechanically. A year later, in 2011, another serious accident and a broken forearm put a halt on my serious riding for a while so I moved to Phoenix and attended MMI and worked with a motorcycle salvage company. After graduation from MMI, I continued to work with the salvage company until early in 2015 when I called on David and Barry at Sierra Cycles in Sierra Vista which led to me moving here permanently. My love for motorcycles continues to grow everyday and Sierra Cycles is helping me to learn and love it even more!

David Roy

Master Technician

Number 1 Technician, David Roy. David too rides everything out there, most of the time he’s teamed up with Jeff Martin (Parts Manager) flying over the trails somewhere in Cochise County. When the heat is too much, David prefers the solo fun of his Kawasaki stand up Jet Ski when he can get some free time which isn’t too often now that he and Cassandra have little Cale (the next generation of super mechanics). David came to Sierra Cycles with extensive factory training from Yamaha and Kawasaki; now he’s adding Suzuki and Arctic Cat to a long list of certifications. He may be quiet and soft spoken but his mechanic ability makes the impression, it speaks for itself. His effort is an expression of quality work, David is thorough and is very proud of his ability to be the master of every unit he puts his hands on.

Michael Calhoun

Master Technician

Number 1A Technician, Michael Calhoun. Mike has again “come home” to Sierra Cycles. Mike and Barry Levitt (owner) have been teamed up for about twenty years now. Over that span, Mike has been “the parts man” “the sales man” and ultimately just “The Man.” Mike, like most mechanics chooses to let his expertise do the talking; he can work on anything and he can out ride almost anyone on anything as well. Just in case you were wondering about what makes Mike Calhoun tick; he is Mr. Kawasaki through and through; we’ve seen his blood and it too is green. By the way if Mike’s not on his KX riding then there’s a good chance he’s out fishing – that is the other passion that consumes “The Man.”

Walter Pritchard

Lot Technician

Walter Pritchard AKA Senior joined our staff in 2009. Senior has been a friend of Sierra Cycles for several years and he is the man keeping both the inside and outside of Sierra Cycles clean and ready to operate. Hard working and honesty at a level not seen in recent times is Senior’s way of life. By the way Senior too is always out there riding his Suzuki Boulevard rain or shine. Thanks for being a member of our family.


The Office

Cindy Cleere

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